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Andrew Jackson

7th President of the United States


"There are no necessary evils in government. Its evils exist only in its abuses. If it would continue itself to equal protection, and, as Heaven does its rain, shower its favors alike on the high and low, the rich and poor, it would be an unqualified blessing."

--Veto of the Bank Renewal Bill, 1832

Full Name: Andrew Jackson

Born: March 15, 1767

Birthplace: "The Waxhaws", South Carolina

Father: Andrew Jackson (1738-1767)

Mother: Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson (?-1781)

Wife: Rachel Robards Jackson (1767-1828)

Married: August 1, 1791; January 17, 1794

Religious Preference: Presbyterian

Previous Experience: Lawyer, soldier, Delegate to Tennessee State Constitutional Convention, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senate, Governor of Florida Territory

Political Party: Democratic

Age at Inauguration: 61

Term of Office: March 4, 1829 - March 4, 1837


Died: June 8, 1845

Age at Death: 78

Place of Burial: Nashville, Tennessee

President at Time of Death: James K. Polk

Election Results

Year Candidate Name Electoral Vote Popular Vote
1828 Andrew Jackson 178 647,286
  John Quincy Adams (NR) 83 508,064
1832 Andrew Jackson (D) 219 687,502
  Henry Clay (NR) 49 530,189
  John Floyd (N) 11 ----
  William Wirt (A) 7 100,715
  Not Voted 2 ----