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Andrew Johnson

17th President of the United States



16th Vice-President of the United States


"It is our sacred duty to transmit unimpaired to our posterity the blessings of liberty, which were bequeathed to us by the founders of the Republic."

--Message to Congress, 1868

Full Name: Andrew Johnson

Born: December 29, 1808

Birthplace: Raleigh, North Carolina

Father: Jacob Johnson (1778-1812)

Mother: Mary McDonough Johnson (1783-1856)

Wife: Eliza Johnson (1810-1876)

Married: May 5, 1827

Religious Preference: No specific domination

Previous Experience: Tailor, U.S. Representative, Governor of Tennessee, U.S. Senate, Vice-President

Political Party: Democratic

Age at Inauguration: 56

Term of Office (President): April 15, 1865 - March 4, 1869

Term of Office (Vice-President): March 4, 1865 - April 15, 1865

Vice-President: ----

Died: July 31, 1875

Age at Death: 66

Place of Burial: Greenville, Tennessee

President at Time of Death: Ulysses S. Grant