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Herbert C. Hoover

31st President of the United States


"The greatness of America has grown out of a political and social system and a method of control of economic forces distinctly its own -- our American system..."

--Rugged Individualism, 1928

Full Name: Herbert Clark Hoover

Born: August 10, 1874

Birthplace: West Branch, Iowa

Father: Jesse C. Hoover (1849-1880)

Mother: Hulda Minthorn Hoover (1849-1883)

Wife: Lou Hoover (1875-1944)

Married: February 10, 1899

Religious Preference: Quaker

Previous Experience: Engineer, U.S. Food Ambassador, Secretary of Commerce

Political Party: Republican

Age at Inauguration: 54

Term of Office: March 4, 1929 - March 4, 1933

Vice-President: Charles Curtis (1929-1933)

Died: October 20, 1964

Age at Death: 90

Place of Burial: West Branch, Iowa

President at Time of Death: Lyndon B. Johnson

Election Results

Year Candidate Name Electoral Vote Popular Vote
1928 Herbert C. Hoover (R) 444 21,392,190
  Alfred E. Smith (D) 87 15,016,443