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Aaron Burr, Jr.

3rd Vice-President of the United States


Full Name: Aaron Burr, Jr.

Born: February 6, 1756

Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey

Father: Aaron Burr, Sr. (1716-1757)

Mother: Esther Edwards Burr (1732-1758)

First Wife: Theodosia Prevost Burr (1746-1794)

Married: 1782

Second Wife: Eliza Jumel (1775-1865)

Married: July 1, 1833

Divorced: September 14, 1836

Religious Preference: Unknown

Previous Experience: Lawyer, Attorney General of New York, U.S. Senate

Political Party: Democratic-Republican

Age at Inauguration: 45

Term of Office: March 4, 1801 - March 4, 1805

President Served Under: Thomas Jefferson

Died: September 14, 1836

Age at Death: 80

Place of Burial: Princeton, New Jersey

Vice-President at Time of Death: Martin Van Buren