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John N. Garner, III

32nd Vice-President of the United States


Full Name: John Nance Garner, III.

Born: November 22, 1868

Birthplace: Detroit, Texas

Father: John N. Garner, II. (1844-1919)

Mother: Sarah Guest Garner (1851-1932)

Wife: Mariette Rheiner Garner (1869-1948)

Married: November 25, 1895

Religious Preference: Methodist

Previous Experience: Lawyer, U.S. Representative, Speaker of the House

Political Party: Democratic

Age at Inauguration: 64

Term of Office: March 4, 1933 - January 20, 1941

President Served Under: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Died: November 7, 1967

Age at Death: 98

Place of Burial: Uvalde, Texas

Vice-President at Time of Death: Hubert H. Humphrey